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Extra Large Lip Balm Gift Pack   LanoLip Illuminated LED Twist Top Lip Gloss - Wine Berry

LanoLip is made with an ultra-pure Medical Grade Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. Our Lanolin lip balm contains NO-WAX therefore it works to heal, protect and soothe with fewer applications.

Lip Balm gift pack includes ALL 4 flavors of wonderful moisturizing lip balm! Includes 1 Strawberry SPF 15 lip balm, 1 Dreamsicle and 1 Wintergreen and 1 Unscented SPF 15 in an organza gift bag. $27.96 VALUE!


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PURE ILLUMINATION! Natural, Hydrating Lip Therapy! For years my customers have been asking for our healing lip balm/ protective gloss in a tube! Well, I am delivering just in time for the Holidays! After looking for a year for the perfect tube , we found THE ONE!




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Our new lip gloss tube is not only beautiful but fun! Our new Illuminated gloss has a LED light that will help you put on our new COLORED gloss in even the darkest places and you have a mirror right on the side!

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