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Hi--I'm Lynne--

A Little about myself.
By trade I have been a registered Cosmetologist all of my adult life. I worked for a short time in a salon.
After a couple of years I made the decision to establish my own business and continuing working. I have been self-employed over 35 years.

Being self-employed allowed me to help with our family income and raise our children. I have loved doing just that.

Thru the years, It's always made me proud knowing I make people look nice and feel good about themselves.

The friendships I've developed are the direct result of hard work and a wonderful benefit of my business. People allow me to share their lives by serving them.


I chose to sell Lano products---because--I know the quality and they are just "Fun" to use.
They gave me a little "wow" factor, the first time I used them. A "Feel Good"-- "Look Good"-- instant, euphoria.

I hope you get a "wow" also! Once again, I feel I'm continuing my goal in life--"Making everyone look Great!"
In closing--There's nothing like "strutting'" a fresh hair-cut and buying something new---Like A Really--Great--Lip Gloss!!!

I hope you are so satisfied with my products, you will visit and buy again!



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